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There is a total of 6 Chapters to complete. The first one is very short and consists of a single puzzle. The next four require more exploration and three of them have a Boss Battle awaiting. They can be completed in any order since all the enemies are at the same level as your team. Hence the lack of experience and levels. The difficulty of each will vary depending on what items and skills you have at your disposal and in what order you beat them. Once you have collected everything you need, you'll unlock the final Chapter and face your biggest challenge. On the way you will find lots of references to Markiplier's channel and other Youtubers.

  • There are no revival items. If you faint, you won't be able to heal until the battle is over. Any character that has fainted will be revived with 1HP automatically after battle.
  • There are a few randomly generated dungeons. You can't save in these areas. Enemies will come after you, but you may be able to outrun them if you don't want to fight them. You may find a weapon somewhere, so you should explore as much as possible.
  • It was made with Pokémon Essentials. However, it's not a Pokémon game, it only uses some features.
  • Default size: 640x480.

Known issues

Some battle animations are misplaced.


RPG Maker XP by:

Pokémon Essentials by:
Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.) and Maruno
and everyone else who helped create version 13

Additional Scripts by:

Additional Graphics by:
RPG Maker VX
Youtube Channel Logos belong to their respective owners

Vish (VEpicAGE)

Music and SFX
Kevin McLeod
Club Sound

Most of the art and custom scripts by me.

If you decide to play it I really hope you enjoy it!


Markiplier RPG Adventure 1.0.2.rar 102 MB


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I have a question I want to ask you

Sure, ask away.

Would you be interested in bringing this over to RPG Maker MV? I can help with that.

Is it possible to port it to MV and keep all the features from Pokemon Essentials? Because as far as I know, this is not the case, but I may be mistaken.

Wel lwhat was this game made in?

Nvm, found it in the credits. It seems essentials won't work with MV, so I think the solution would be a full remake of it with a different plugin that's related to this. I'm sorry man.

So would you be willing to give this a shot if possible?


According to this, this has some similar pokemon basics to it. So we could use that for a remake of the game?

Well, this looks a little buggy. And the reason I chose to make this game with Essentials, was not the battle system alone. If it can't have the Tile Puzzles, Alchemy (Cooking), minigames (Slot Machine, etc), Itemfinder, and other minor stuff like Berries, fishing and so on I don't see the point in making an inferior, less functional version. Thank you very much for the suggestion though.


Chapter 2 was great too! :D


YASSS! This game is so thoughtful and detailed! :D I'm so excited to finish playing it!